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The weather was fantastic this weekend – finally!  My family and I took advantage of it by going to the park  – baby likes to swing!

babyswinkingThen we we decided to take a stroll on the High Line.  On the way there, we came across this:

streetartOne of the most magical aspects of living in New York City is the chance to find art when you aren’t looking for it.  It’s one of the reasons I cite for raising a baby in NYC.  Unfortunately, many of us cannot afford to bring up a brood of children on the island of Manhattan or in Brooklyn (my other favorite borough) which is a shame because New York is always surprising us with little treats.  Thank you New York, we’re holding on as long as we can!

Check out more street art on this great blog!

Speaking of art, while on the High Line, we saw this:

Source: High Line website

and I said, ‘hey! that guy looks like Colin Powell’ and it is!  The artist is Goshka Macuga.  Coiin’s holding what appears to be a bolt.  Does anybody know why?

Ah, New York, so many mysteries…