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Half the Sky Movement has created this game to help raise awareness and funds to empower women around the world.  Supporting causes that are very close to my heart, this game allows the player to raise money simply by playing.  From their site:

“Just by playing the game, you are working to change the world! You need to play in order to unlock sponsored donations from two companies; Johnson and Johnson and the Pearson Foundation. Both are partnered up with nonprofits in the game to send $500,000 in total to assist women and girls. The Pearson Foundation’s donation of $250,000 goes to Room to Read and will supply young women with books and other educational resources. Johnson and Johnson’s donation of $250,000 goes to the Fistula Foundation and will supply life-saving surgeries to women in need!” 

You can find the game on here at:  https://www.facebook.com/HalftheGame

You will be hearing more from me on this blog about womens issues in upcoming posts. In the meantime, play and we all win!