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travel bottles

Before the big trip (to France), there’s the little trip.  I was invited to participate in The Great Plains Theatre Conference in Omaha, Nebraska this year after submitting my full-legnth play, The Silver Thread.  Mlle is coming with me and I am a little nervous.  She is in the babbling/crawly stage now and I worry about what her temperament will be when we are there.  Will I have to miss out on readings and events?  Will she be quiet during seminars?  Will she sleep well in the hotel?  She is normally a well behaved baby, greets strangers happily and has sat in her fair share of production meetings.  I fantasize that I will be the Great Plains equivalent of this:

It parl

But Mlle is almost walking and might not sleep so peacefully through the procedings.  It could actually end up like this:

Except with one baby, of course.

And before we get to Omaha, there’s the plane ride.  This will be baby’s first flight.  I won a $500 honorarium from the Conference to help cover travel costs so I paid an extra $100 to get 5 inches more leg room.  I have been scouring the internet for tips on flying with babies and I think I have everything as under control as I can get them.  However, I am more frustrated than ever regarding the TSA rules on carry-on items.  How can they limit what we carry on and allow airlines to charge a fee for the first checked bag???  Oh, this is such a racket!  You are either expected to spend money on “travel size” versions of everything you need or purchase those chintzy, overpriced empties and transfer everything – what a mess and potential waste of product!  And what’s the point really?  If the key is to keep people from bringing in large quantities of liquids, what sense does it make that we are allowed to bring on unlimited numbers of tiny bottles?  Oh and speaking of unlimited, unless I buy Mlle a seat, I am still only limited to one carry-on and one personal bag.

Have you ever travelled with a baby under 1 year yet over 6 months of age?  What do you wish airlines would do differently to make travel easier for all on board?  What about hotels?

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