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Jean Bell Playboy October 1969

Razors are quick and painless, but my skin discolored under repeated shaving.    When I splurged on laser removal, they hadn’t developed one that worked effectively on dark skin (but that didn’t stop them from telling me it would work and taking my money).  Those with lighter skin and dark hair are probably still the best candidates for laser hair removal.  I don’t have the patience for depilatory creams and those funny little hair removal mitts don’t seem like they would even work.  Through much trial and error (which included a summer of bikini-line electrolosis) I am a bonafide waxer.  Other women, cannot stand the idea of hairs being ripped out from the roots  – and I concur it’s less than pleasant – but the results are fantastic and the healthiest choice for my skin.  However, there is a whole world of hair removal gadgets and methods!  If you choose to remove unwanted body hair, what’s your method of choice?

Photo credit:  Playboy October 1969