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For this latest installment of The Chronicles of Omaha, I give you Mlle’s first flight!  And let me tell you, she was a total pro!  I couldn’t be more proud – or more relieved!

Ever since Mlle was a baby, I sang Up, Up and Away to her whenever I picked her up from her crib.  And now, she has really been up and away!  I thought the song would be a nice accompanyment to the photos.  Hope you enjoy!

Here we are on the airport shuttle.  M. was on the other side of that window, wiping away a tear, no doubt.


Here we are waiting at the gate.

the gate

While waiting to board, Mlle made a new, albeit fleeting, friendship.

gate friend

Getting settled in our seats – note the calm countenance of been-here-done-this she has here.  She loved the action going on outside of the window on the tarmac.

on board

And then she slept until landing.

Finally, waiting calmly for our – very delayed – ride to the hotel.  It was past midnight – what a trooper!

landed safely

Like all the “travels with baby” guides suggest, I nursed Mlle upon take-off and landing but she really didn’t seem particularly affected by the air pressure changes.  I, on the other hand, use ear plugs and chew these:


because my ears pop like crazy!  Even with the chewing and the swallowing and the ear plugs, I was still in pretty excruciating pain during landing on the flight to Omaha.  I was so worried that Mlle inherited my issues but apparently not – so far.  She even received a showering of compliments for her good behavior from the other passengers during de-boarding.  What a lucky mom I am.

One of my favorite bloggers posted this great piece on traveling with babies!  It was a great help and I think we’re ready to take on the 7 hours to Paris!