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Tales of Omaha continue with a post about blocks. I actually forgot to bring some of Mlle’s more “active” toys along the trip so when we got there, we were sort of relagated to making do with static, plush toys. Thankfully Ellen Struve, a brilliant playwright who lives locally, brought in a few things for poor, bored Jolie. You are a saint and a lifesaver, Ellen!

In an interesting side-note, Mlle is afraid of theatre! Actually, she was all into it until the acting started. The sound of projecting performers got her on edge so I missed a few readings and she and I spent a few afternoons playing.

Among the borrowed toys was a set of blocks and it occurred to me – Mlle is growing up. She can do more than rattle a plastic ball! As it turns out, she took to them like a duck to water – babies are so adaptable – and I knew that upon returning to Manhattan, I would have to get her some.

blocks 2

I found this gorgeous set on Amazon.

UG Blocks

They’re embossed wood and decorated with non-toxic paint. They come with their own canvas bag for easy travel, too!

In other important Omaha news, here is a photo of me with some of my cast after our reading. It was extremely well received and I couldn’t have been happier with the cast and the director, Danielle Smith.

cast in omaha

You all did a beautiful job!