Alter and Priest with famiJPGI wish I had more photos but they are apparently being held hostage in France!  It was a lovely service in an ancient church and the priest’s cell phone went off twice – past and present collide and hilarity ensues!

Sleepy Mommy and Wriggley BabyYes, I was a little sleepy and frankly, I barely understood what was being said so it was hard to keep my attention focused.  I concentrated on keeping my little squirmer happy.

That’s my mom over my shoulder!  My dad flew her and my sisters in for the ceremony – it was the best thing EVER!  Thanks, Dad!

Water on the Head

You wouldn’t know it from this photo but she was not a happy camper!

We picked up the white leggings, T-shirt and eyelet lace gilet at the French equivalent of Jacks 9-Cent store because, apparently, being a baby isn’t innocent enough – she had to wear white.

Perhaps someday, I’ll get more photos from the ceremony and party.  Maybe it will be my reward for finally sending off the remainder of my thank you notes.

It really was a beautiful ceremony.  Even though I don’t really approve of all that religiousy stuff, it’s nice to have a little ritual celebration of Mlle’s wonderful life.  I am forever thankful to mes belles parents for arranging everything.  And to the priest for being a delightful man who led a thoughtful and lovely service – along with a few laughs.