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lipsPost-baby, while I haven’t quite gotten back into the practice of wearing my contact lenses everyday again, I am trying to take steps (however tiny) to recapture some of the upkeep (dare I say, glamour?) that I once insisted upon when I was a young, childless singleton and new-bride.

The first decision I’ve made towards this goal is to no longer to leave the house (on weekends and evenings – workdays don’t count) without slapping on a little lip color.  It’s the easiest way to look instantly polished.  My one issue was that I love kissing my baby and I am not interested in smearing my little one with lip pigments, waxes, and dyes.  Thank goodness for lipstains!  My new best friend is this one from Make-Up Forever.

lip stain 2

It has great, rich color and, once it dries, is moisturizing, long-lasting and kiss-proof!  Bissou!

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