wide chickens

On this last trip to France, we were invited to lunch at Tante Isabelle and Oncle Bernard’s stately home in Tamerville.  It was built in 1735 (or thereabouts) and I don’t have nearly enough photos of it – but here are a few!

Here is where the chickens pictured above hang out:

ext roost with family

Pictured you see Oncle Bernard, Cousine Cecille, Little Cousine Soleyn, and Slightly Less Little Cousin Gaitan.  To the left is a large garden that is rented out to a local farmer who then sells his produce in the big market.

I probably should have started with this photo of the side entrance.

tamerville exteriorAlso, I probably should have taken photo of the front entrance… um, photo journalism is not my special talent.  In the foreground is Cecille, this is the house she and her siblings grew up in.  Can you imagine?  Also pictured is my Brother-in-Law Julien, Mother-in-Law (in the doorway), Cousin Gaitan, Oncle B and Minnie the Dog.  I am pretty sure I am spelling Gaitan incorrectly, by the way.

bottles and caskcorkersAbove are photos taken in the cider shed: the cider barrel and corking machines.  This was probably one of my favorite places on the property.  Cecille told me that the great barrel would get filled seasonally and when she and M. were young, they were sent to the cider shed to fill bottles from the barrel for the adults at dinnertime.

stairs at tamerville

This is my only interior shot.  You must understand, we were there for lunch, not a tour so I didn’t always have my camera ready and I had my hands full with Mlle.  Not pictured is the huge swingset we spent a lot of time on.  Also not pictured is the grand fireplace in the dining room and the gun armoire in the entrance (it is the country afterall!)  Anyway, here is Mlle. making quick work of these ancient stairs, worn down over the centuries by of some of her ancestors.  I couldn’t imagine training a child to walk on these treacherous steps.  Life was hard back in the day!