baker 2 making upI have a philosphy about the new year and resolutions – make them fun and easy. For 2014, I decided to “lose the baby weight”. I don’t actually have weight to lose but I do feel I let myself go a bit after the baby was born and it is time that I get back on track. I intend to regularly pluck, paint, wax, shave, condition and thread those bits of me that I want plucked, painted, waxed, shaved, conditioned and threaded. I started early and got my brows done on Christmas Eve and it really made me feel so good! I felt confident and strangely calm. A big part of my resolution was to look good for my husband (because that is important to me – I’m not suggesting that is should be important to anyone else), however, I used to always take care of these things when I was single so I know it’s not just about him.

AF at the mirror

I am also putting forth the effort to give myself private bathroom time every night. Until now, I just did the bare minimum of teeth brushing and face washing as quickly possible. I am rediscovering the benefits of closing the bathroom door for a leisurely session of pore extraction. I don’t yet know when I can move up to actual nail painting however, the baby still nurses to sleep and I don’t want to expose her to all those fumes. I am trying to find some of those press on nail “polishes” in natural shades but all I see are those crazy, teen-age patterns and textures.

dd power

I bought a new long lasting lip gloss – YSL Rouge Pur Couture Verni A Levres Glossy Stain (Sheesh! What a long name!) and it’s creamy, natural looking, and somewhat kiss-proof – a nice, elegant “mom” choice, I think.

The biggest change for 2014, I am resolving to wear my contact lenses again. I cannot believe I wore my off-prescription glasses for over a year! I am so unused to the idea that I am little scared! But I have done it two days in a row now and I hope that I can continue this successful streak throughout the year. It may not sound like a big deal to you but it is to me.

And that’s the thing about resolutions – they should be important to you and make you feel good!

One last resolution I made for 2014 is to buy my husband more presents. He likes presents. Also, his closet needs some updating. He brings me flowers just because so I’ll bring him a couple of new pairs of socks or a new chef’s coat, or a leather belt randomly, when it’s not his birthday.  That’s what wives do, right?

Happy New Year and may 2014 bring you trim and glossy hugs and kisses!