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feveWe celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings in our house. This is a fun and new thing for me since we didn’t commemorate the 12th Day of Christmas growing up in my family. This year, as the year before, I made a paper crown for Mlle and we gave her a feve. A feve is a token or small trinket that is traditionally baked in a cake known as the Galette des Rois (Kings’ Cake). Whoever finds the feve in their slice of cake is pronounced king for the day and wears a paper crown. We didn’t bother with a cake this year but we are collecting her little feves in a tin and I am saving her handmade crowns.

Now that the 6th of January has passed, we’ve pulled down and put away our holiday decorations. While this process is a bit sad, I really have grown to love how new and fresh everything feels when you clean up after Christmas. Now that I celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany (La Fete des Rois has many names)with my family, it is also my informal holiday for De-Decking the Halls!

I hope the end of the Christmas season finds you refreshed and ready for all your big (and little) plans for the coming year!