june 2012 195

I recently discussed with my sister, who is an educator of hearing-impaired children (and as a result, knows lots of speech therapists), my concerns that Mlle isn’t really using any words yet. When she was probably 8 months or so, she was very good at using “uh-oh” but even that seems to have lessened. My husband is not concerned and believes that Jolie is currently just focusing on her other skills, like stacking blocks:


This is pretty impressive and I am quite proud to say that she can ambidextrously stack two block towers at once. She is also an expert climber and rappeller. I am not as pleased about this, admittedly.


Now, I am trying to be more verbal with her in order for her to pick up and hopefully start using words. Is she picking them up and just not interested in speaking yet? She mimics faces like a pro (my good friend the PhD in Clinical Child Psychiatry says so) so why isn’t she mimicing speech yet? Finally, I asked myself, “does roaring count?”. I think it does. She definitely roars. She roars at her toys. She roars at Daddy. She roars just before latching on to breast feed. I wonder where she gets it from.

cartoons roar

OK time to up my conversation game.

Thanks, Disney Jr., PBS Kids, Disney